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What can we do for you?

Track Survey Works

The infrastructure of the railway and all-round Railway Systems and the infrastructure are performed by our experienced team of experts.In particular, measurements of rail on the superstructure is used by us to measure precise devices.

Project Management

Project Management, Site Management, System Engineering, Project Finance, Material Control, Training, Work Progress Reports

Construction and Production Services

Supply of Materials, Mounting, Testing & Operating, Test Operations, Project Management

Construction Works

Project Management, Design, Financial Analyzes, Transformer Buildings, Depot Areas, Workshop Areas, Infrastructure Construction, Control Center and Administrative Buildings, Supply of Materials

Track Works and Superstructure Construction

Balustrade Lines (Concrete, wooden and steel sleepers), Slab track (direct fixation) lines, Rail and Turnout Mounting, Balustrade Spreading and Tamping works, Aluminum termite Welding

Business Development

Country Concept, Financial Analyzes, Market Research, Transportation Plans, Feasibility Studies, Project Development, Organization

Engineering and Consultancy Services

Railway Alignment Design and Study, Track Design, Typical Cross-Section and Profile design (Horizontal and Vertical Alignment Design), Determination of Engineering structures (Design of Tunnels, Viaducts, Bridges, Cut and Covers, Under and Over passes and Drainage channels) and Design of Similar Railway Mounting Technologies, System Layout Design, Operation Concept Design, Environmental Protection, Signaling and Communication System, Depot and Maintenance Workshop Design, Station and Track Layout, Site Supervisory, Acceptance of Factories, Operation Procedures

Supply of Materials

Supply of Materials relevant to Rail Systems

Maintenance and Repairing

Maintenance Planning, Test and take under operation, Ultrasonic Tests of Rail Weldings, Sound and Vibration Analyzes, Existing Track Maintenance and Rehabilitation