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Our Company

  • RAYEM has been specializing in Electromechanical Systems Engineering and has been serving for this field for years and it has been established by partners  in 2016 in Istanbul to provide services in Rail Systems and Special Industrial Facilities.
  • Apart from many objectives, one of the objectives of RAYEM is to encourage domestic production, especially in Engineering, Design, Material Manufacture and Equipment which are totally dependent on abroad in the field of Rail Systems.
  • RAYEM has reached to the capacity to do all kinds of work with its own expert staff in a short time. It carries out all engineering and design works in its own way both in Main Line (Conventional / High Speed ​​Train) and in urban public transport systems (Metro / HRS / Tram).
  • In material manufacturing, the manufacturer has contributed greatly to the production of the products in Turkey by giving all the support they need to their local companies. All of the materials needed by the sector (except the Signal Mixing System) are all manufactured in the country. Work on signalization has also begun and RAYEM provides all kinds of support for the increase of local contribution in this area.
  • Having acquired the basic principle of quality and trust in its projects, RAYEM is further expanding its vision with its achievements in its fields of activity and is making bigger success with its well-established companies both in Turkey and in the world.
  • Our company, with its experienced expert engineer and technical team in its sector, keeps the quality with its developing technology and developed wide machine park and with the understanding of serving both in domestic and abroad projects.
  • We are always behind the work that we are involved in from the project design to the production and then to the operation.
  • As a prerequisite for continuous innovation and improvement, our company continues to operate in the knowledge of its experience in the sector.


“The aim of RAYEM is to present the best quality service in the field of Electromechanical Systems with the most reasonable cost.”